Audiothinktank | Soulsound

The world is an inspiring place. It's full of wonder, the sound of percolating coffee and just enough sunshine to justify the sunglasses. It’s really the ideal place to ponder, in fact it's really the only place to ponder. But pondering is pretty useless unless you have someone to ponder with.
A few years ago I brought the idea of Audiothinktank to life and it went very well, the only problem was that I felt like I was the only person listening. I must admit I got a little disillusioned with being asked to rewrite articles because I might upset an advertiser or two. It felt like an up hill battle that was just not worth it. After all what was the whole thing going to achieve.
Recently though, after a vicious fight with a Maine Coon, I was in a place where I was reevaluating Life. Funny thing reevaluating life is. It's a bit like a roller coaster but without the certainty that it'll stop. Anyway, after a while the whiff of enthusiasm fills the air like freshly ground coffee beans and the noggin was throbbing.
Apparently Leonard Di Vinci invented the Helicopter. What's the point in inventing the helicopter and keeping it to yourself? An idea is only good if it's shared. A collective idea created by like minded people with the same goal might be pretty good too.
Darryn and I have been friends for many years now and constantly talk of this and that. It was after one of those that’ing conversations recently I realised that SoulSound is the perfect platform for Audiothinktank. It feels like the perfect place to spread ideas and encourage debate with all manner of people.
The Audiothinktank is a forum, in the original sense, that promotes individual thinking and encourages collaboration. It’s a thought incubator. It's about sharing the most far-fetched ideas you can imagine and just trying to come up with something cool.
We are inviting some industry experts and manufactures to be in attendance or to take part in our panel. Airing your thoughts and ideas could lead to ground breaking technology that could change the world. Or if you're British, we’ll have to rein it back a bit; technology that could change Loughborough.
I encourage you to come along to PLASA Leeds and spread your ideas at the Audiothinktank on May 11th at 1pm. If you can't attend, then tweet your ideas and questions we can put to our expert panel at @Audiothinktank and use the hashtag #attplasaleeds.