Bob Heil Interview (Part 2) | Soulsound

Bob Heil is one of the most engaging characters in rock and roll. The passion he has for his craft, and his love of life in general, leave one feeling like you’ve just been given a big squishy hug and learned something new about life and the science of audio, all at the same time. We caught him at the Music Production Show in London. In Part Two, Bob goes into detail about his preference for dynamic over condenser microphone design, how the stage is his lab, where talking to the musicians, roadies, sound engineers and backline techs has led the way in his design, not only of mics, but also clips, clamps and shockmount systems. But with all that serious science going on, Bob is not afraid of having fun and tells about his multicolour options and The Fin mic, modelled on the fender of a ’48 Pontiac.

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CEO/Founder of Heil Sound