Bounce, Baby, Bounce

In the run up to Christmas,  Gianluca and I were very busy working on the mixes of the new Iamthemorning record. We start off any mix by bouncing all the recordings through specific analogue equipment.

The idea is to enhance the sound quality of all the individual instruments and voices prior to the digital mixing process. We use different equipment combinations for different sound sources. We always experiment to try to find the best result. Clearly all this individual signal processing has to be done within the context of the complete mix! It's quite a time consuming process, but it's well worth the extra effort.

We have been using Neve, Chandler, API, Manley, Universal Audio, GML, SSL, and Cranesong outboard units on this record so far.

We are currently working on the piano sound. Gleb Kolyadin's fantastic piano performances on a Steinway grand piano were beautifully recorded at Moscow's Mosfilm studios by our recording engineer friend Nickita Valamin. To enhance the piano sound further we use 2 Millenia STT-1 channels strips. These units are very unique. All the different processing stages (pre-amp, EQ and compressor) can be selected using either solid state or valve circuitry. We are currently using the valve pre-amp stage in combination with the solid state equaliser. Subtle low and high shelf EQ boosts enhance the piano sound without changing the timbre of the original instrument too much.

Bounce, baby, bounce!

I think Luca and I will open a can of beer soon...

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