Cut Away From Yourself | Soulsound

On day one of the current tour I cracked a tooth.
Leaving breakfast I had that uncomfortable feeling that something felt wrong in my mouth. Having only had Bircher muesli I feel a bit annoyed, I mean it is pretty soft!
Luckily though I had renewed my travel insurance just a few days before.  Specialist travel insurance is a must if you work abroad. I use one of the specialist brokers for our industry and it’s about £150 a year. This is a lot if you are just starting but could well be the best outlay you make that year, but obviously hopefully not!
A cautionary tale on our recent festival dates attests to this. We returned to the hotel after a reasonably early show. Anxious to take advantage of the bar still being open, one of the crew rushed to his room to spruce up. Noticing he still had is wristband pass on he decided to use his new roadie tool to slice it off. He was found by a colleague looking white-faced and clutching his arm.
Six hours in A&E and 13 stitches later he was presented with the $1300 bill.  This is when you need the cover. So if you are going abroad seriously consider it. Use a broker who knows what industry you are in and will cover all the eventualities of life on the road. Be safe.
And remember cut away from yourself......