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Do you send out hundreds of CVs but never get a response?

A CV is one of the most difficult documents to write. You need to boast about your accomplishments without seeming arrogant, put your best foot forward without exaggerating, and still present yourself as a sincere, real person.

Your CV is a sales document that sells your character and skills to potential employers and clients. They have no idea who you are, except for what is written on those two little pages. So it is worth spending a lot of effort perfecting – it needs to stand out from the crowd.

A CV should always be accompanied by a covering letter – this letter is what will get people to actually read your CV.

Are you struggling to get your CV and covering letter right?

I can help! My experience running an agency for sound engineers has put me in a unique position to understand what catches the eye and what doesn’t, and which kind of approach actually works.

How it works

  • You sign up for this service and upload your CV and covering letter 
  • I read them thoroughly.
  • You do some homework – remembering what you’ve done, listing your related and unrelated skills, getting clarity on what your desired outcome is
  • We meet online and go through the documents together.
  • You make the agreed changes 
  • We go through them together again to be absolutely sure you’re putting yourself forward in the best possible light.

Whilst I can’t guarantee that a spruced up CV will get you a job, what I aim to do is to get potential employers & clients to actually read your CV, rather than dump it on a pile in the corner.

Cost: £90

PS – please allow 7-10 days for the whole process.