CV Advice Service


A CV is one of the most difficult documents to write. You need to boast about your accomplishments without seeming arrogant, put your best foot forward without exaggerating, and still present yourself as a sincere, real person.

Having run Soulsound agency for a several years now, I receive many CVs a week. Whilst a small percentage of them are well-written and give a clear picture of the writer's abilities, the vast majority tend towards the "very poor indeed" end of the spectrum. Sometimes it's difficult to tell if they're even sound engineers!

Your CV is a sales document, that sells you blindly to potential employers. They can't see you and have no idea who you are, except for what is written on those two little pages. So it is worth spending a VERY LONG TIME writing it and perfecting it.

If you are struggling to get yours right, I would direct you firstly to my free eBook, "Getting a Foot in the Door - How to Make Your Way in the Live Sound Industry", which contains some straight talking advice on how to get a career in sound, including CV writing.  Simply register your interest and you will recive the ebook free.

If you are still struggling, I will help you by reading your current CV and giving you feedback from an employers-eye-view. 

NOTE: This is a CV Advice Service, not a CV Writing Service. Please only send me a CV you have already spent some considerable time on!  

How it works:

For a fee of £90 I will read your current version and make comments and suggest changes you might want to make. After you have made those changes I will read through it again and make some final comments.

I also, of course, do not guarantee that a spruced up CV will get you a job, nor get you onto my books. What I aim to do is to get potential employers to actually read your CV. That's the most important step!

All the best,