Touring Monitors

Keeping things small is a good idea when touring - but having your entire monitor system in a small rack and suitcase is a whole new level of small.

Soulsound In The Sudan

Soulsound is reaching out beyond our own borders - as far afield as The Sudan.

In Ear Monitors - Getting It Right

Justin discusses, in depth, In Ear Monitoring from the Monitor Engineer’s perspective - it's far more complex than you moight think!

Sound System Tuning without Measurement Software

Nathan Lively from Sound Design Live presents this webinar on tuning your sound system without software.

Maths, Numbers & Music - Part 5

The final part of the series – which looks at the numbers and templates that provide the basis for strong and stable music writing.

Maths, Numbers & Music - Part 4

In part 4, Mat discusses how time signatures are created using fractions.

Maths, Numbers & Music - Part 3

In part 3, Mat Mckinley delves into “movement” – in other words, rhythm, the organisation of sonic data according to time.

Maths, Numbers and Music - Part 2

In part 2, we explore the numbers of music a bit further.

Maths, Numbers & Music - Part 1

The fundamental vocabulary of music – pitch and rhythm, are based on mathematics. Mat explains all in easy-to-understand terms.

Making of Arenal Sound - Part 4

Part 4 describes time alignment and channel adjustment, as well as working with guest audio engineers.