Genesis Lab 2017

What is Genesis Lab?

Genesis lab is a space where participants show o their expertise in the form of an “experiment”. Simple, interactive, entertaining and educational the experiments prove a concept, demonstrate a principle and wow visitors with some science.

Run successfully as The Exploratorium last year, Genesis Lab nds a new name to re ect how the space presents new, innovative and progressive ideas and concepts in an experimental fashion.

We are thrilled to announce that the Genesis Lab will facilitate up to 16 Experiment Spaces, nearly doubling the size from last year. We are looking forward to lling the spaces with the best and most interesting ideas and products in an environment that stimulates deep conversation and relationship building; the kinds of conversations that don’t happen in a standard sales environment.

Last year we featured binaural soundscapes, used delay to create level and movement changes, experienced rainbows and spectra, explored theatre spaces with VR, toyed with 3D projections, played with axe heads and horns and got transferred to a magical environment via a “Brain Transfer Machine” - 3D Sound Through Tissue Conduction.

As a direct result of participating in 2016, PreeVue kick-started their company with a bang, and Klang won a Gold Award with their KLANG:fabrik 3D In Ear Monitoring System.


17-19 September 2017 at PLASA London

John Taylor, Head of Education Development, d&b audiotechnik had this to say about 2016:
"It was for me the most interesting part of the show and I met the most interesting people there. I was also pleased to see so many people there over such a long period of time. I thought the Exploratorium added a layer of “otherness” in a really cool way, people could cruise in and out at will, a sort of punctuation mark or change of dynamic amongst the rounds of exhibitor conversations."


As an Experimenter you will get:
• An Experiment space
• Space on the Genesis Lab page on PLASA website
• Press announcements
• Branding on side elevations of the Genesis Lab structure
• Full listing online and in the show guide as an exhibitor
• Branding and company pro le in printed handouts
• Space to describe the experiments in handouts


Book your experiment space before 30 June and get your space for:

£1,200 + VAT (non-exhibitors)

£750 + VAT (exhibitors)

£1,500 + VAT (non-Exhibitors)

£900 + VAT (exhibitors)


Contact us to get involved! Show o  what your company or educational establishment can do! We can’t wait to announce what great experiments will be showcased at Genesis Lab this year.


Darryn de la Soul
Iris Musel


Download Experiment Package Details (PDF) | Download Genesis Lab Sponsorship Packages (PDF)