Heil HDK-5

Manufacturer's Description

Full Drum Microphone set-up kit intended for those that need professional microphones at an affordable bundle price. The HDK-5 includes 5 microphones chosen by Bob Heil himself specifically for the purpose of getting your drums on the fast track to sounding clear, crisp, punchy, loud, professional and defined, every single time you play. The PR-48 is an absolute MUST for your kick drum. This microphone's suspended element is perfect for eliminating handling noise and generally unmusical vibrations happening in the middle of all of that thunderous chaos coming out of your feet. And the best part? This microphone is impossible to overload with volume. That is, unless you're capable of pumping more than 150dB into it.

The Handi Mic Pro Plus is featured 4 times in this package for the purpose of being used on your Snare, Toms and even Cymbals in the most compact and easily accessible microphones you will ever touch your drum kit with. Being just 4" long, these things can reach whatever part of your kit you desire. They will literally go anywhere thanks to the HH-1 mounts Mr Heil included in this set. Mount them to your Toms/Snare and then adjust them to the most comfortable and effective positions obtainable. Done. No more messing around with all those wobbly old mic stands the venue has waiting for you.


  • 1x PR-48 Kick Drum Mic
  • 4x HM-Pro Plus Mics
  • 4x HM Clips
  • 2x HH-1 Mounts
  • Black Leatherette Carry Case
Non-Subscriber Price: 
£533.29 + VAT