How To Get The Best Out Of Live Female Vocals | Soulsound

With over 30 years of experience behind him, Justin Grealy really does know how to work with vocals. In this live seminar filmed at PLASA Focus Leeds 2015, Justin – in his own inimitable style – shares all the knowledge he has accumulated over the years, with two very different female vocalists live on stage. Using the industry standard SM58 and the DPA d:facto vocal mics, with a Funktion One PA and d&b wedges, Justin demonstrates everything from the best way to set up your stand so as to get the best performance from your singer (yes, it does make a difference) – and taking into account the likely wearing of heels during a performance that weren’t worn at soundcheck! He also demonstrates the advantages of the DPA d:facto, Sennheiser MD421 and Shure SM58 for different applications, and different voices; as well as the use of reverb, compression and other effects such as delay, chorus and pitch shifters. Freshening microphones (and preventing the spread of colds to your singer), noise cancelling coils, using wedge monitors and IEMs, avoiding comb filtering, compression, HPF and EQ, and PA EQ are all covered in this excellent seminar.

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