“Self employment is an interesting thing because when there’s lots of work it’s the best thing in the world... but obviously when there’s no work you’ve got no money... It’s just perseverance”. Simon speaks about the thorny issue of doing voluntary work to get yourself into the game.

“Keep it quick otherwise people get bored.” Simon tells us how a recording session works in Bryan Ferry’s studio, how the creative process happens, being ready to record at the drop of a hat and he shares his secret for meticulous note taking so he can refer back to a session way in the past to remember what was happening on the day.

Simon embraces new technology for what it’s good for, but still often records to tape and prefers using analogue outboard before plug-ins. He also still learns something new everyday. Recording himself and later his band since he was a child, Simon details his career path and how he got to where he is today.

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