In this video, Jon talks about how he approaches doing a gig in a club venue with an in house sound engineer. He discusses attitude, job description, touring etiquette and tea. Club venues can be a real test of a sound engineer’s mettle. The quality of the installed PA systems can vary enormously, from the bigger Academy type venues, whose installations are usually excellent to smaller venues that are not so glorious. Venues usually employ sound and lighting engineers who are responsible for the deployment and maintenance of the installed equipment. These individuals can also vary massively in attitude professionalism and work ethic.

As a guest engineer in their venue, Jon describes how to get on with “the house guy” and some of the do’s and don’ts of working as a guest in their house. There is some etiquette required on both parts here and it is important to know how to deal with problems and particularly what the expectations are in terms of who is responsible for what.

etiquette, house PA, house engineer, local crew, microphones, mic stands, house engineer v tour engineer, work ethic, attitude, jon burton