If you aren’t using something that’s in the signal chain, bypass it. Keeping the signal path as clean as possible will always sound better.

Hearing is subjective, and we can be easily influenced by the claims of modern technology that we are hearing something that perhaps we aren’t, and using our eyes instead of our ears when working with audio, especially with screen-based technology, can easily skew our perceptions. Tony Andrews, John Newsham and Roger Lindsay discuss why seeking practical solutions to practical problems (e.g. choosing the right mic, getting it into the right position) should be your first port of call before seeking the technological solutions provided by today’s plethora of digital gear.

Trust your ears! They are still, and always will be, your best tool.

Filmed at PLASA Focus, Leeds, 2014.

tony andrews, john newsham, roger lindsay, signal path, signal chain, pure audio, bypass EQ, plug-ins, eq, processing, mic choice, signal flow, mic position

Keeping The Signal Path Pure by Soulsound