Starting with the drum kit itself, complete with drummer, Justin demonstrates a number of unusual and inspired tricks to get the best sound possible, whether you are in a pub with two SM58s, or lucky enough to be using high-end mics.

Topics covered in this seminar include: tuning the kit, best way to dampen drums, understanding the relationship between the batter head and the resonant head, phase relationships, several unusual micing techniques, using two mics on toms, stereo techniques and the use of panning, the effect of temperature and humidity, using figure of 8 polar patterns, overheads, underheads, drum groups, using reverb, hand held percussion and mic placement. Simon Honywill guests at the end with a few techniques of his own.

Filmed at PLASA Focus, Leeds, 2014.

justin grealy, live drums, microphone techniques, bass drum, kick drum, damoing drums, batter head, resonant head, SM57, Beta 52, shure, SM91, SM58, Sennheiser e604, beyer dynamic M88, sennheiser e904, drum compression, phase, AKG C414, High pass filter, HPF, overheads, underheads, RE20, radial, phazer, simon honywill, DPA