Making Music for TV & Adverts | Soulsound

This tutorial focuses on what it takes to succeed in this game, and gives an overview of the industry and how the music composer fits in with the rest of the ad makers. Martin demystifies the jargon and explains how to get yourself the job by keeping the same mood as the “ref track”, whilst sticking to both the brief and the deadline. He exposes the key elements of Pace, Storytelling, Emotion, Style & Character. Genre requirements in advertising are very wide, so keeping up with the latest trends can really help broaden your horizons as a composer. Building up a roster of talent (musicians and singers) that you can work with is also essential for getting the job done on time and to the client’s satisfaction. Professionalism and the ability to act fast is essential for repeat work! Martin also talks about building up a collection of equipment that can produce the variety of sounds you need plus advice for producing a showreel that shows your specialisms as well as your diversity, giving people a reason to call you! We conclude with an analysis of a piece of music written for Reebok. Mu Recording Studios Music for Media Training

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