Marcel Answers: Favourite Effects | Soulsound

In this video, Marcel describes his three favourite audio effects and reveals some very clever tips and tricks when using them. He draws on his vast experience of both recording and live sound mixing techniques to reveal his three “big guns” in the effects department, reverb, delay and chorus and discusses in detail the kind of units he prefers and why. He also reveals some clever connection tricks and tips as well as some inspired deployment methods. Firstly, Marcel deals with reverb, detailing his choice of reverb type as well as some very clever techniques for applying reverb to a signal in an unusual and creative way as well as its more conventional uses. When considering delays, as well as the more conventional methods, Marcel describes his special technique for maintaining a constant return level and ensuring that the delay reflects the dynamic of the vocal level. The third effect is chorusing, which Marcel describes deriving from first principles before he describes how best to choose the type of chorus required as well as how and when to use it.

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