Subjects covered in the panel discussion include virtual sound checks and what use they have for a monitor engineer, using technology such as iPad mixing and whether allowing the band to mix their own monitors will put engineers out of work, the role of the monitor engineer as support system, in ear monitors, wedges and combinations of the two, the reality of “easy to swap” show files being not so easy to swap, dealing with artistic temperament, building trust and communication on stage.

Tuomo Tolonen weighs in when the discussion turns to RF - bandwidth, frequency coordination, using frequency scanners and the current (and future) problems with bandwidth.

plasa, mixing monitors, virtual sound check, mixing on ipad, ipad, wedges, IEMs, in ear monitors, monitor engineer, monitor engineering, RF, bandwidth, jon burton, tuomo tolonen, justin grealy, marcel van limbeek, phil ward, monitors, radio frequencies, radio frequency management

Mixing Monitors Panel PLASA London 2015 by Soulsound