The Nature of Phase - Polarity, Phase and Delay | Soulsound

Polarity, Phase & Delay – what’s the difference? This and many other questions will be answered in this fantastic seminar on Phase. Packed full of insights and practical tips, the lads cover: basic theory, stereo micing techniques for studio and live, how gain affects phase, micing live orchestras, recording ensembles, live and recorded drums, what happens in reality with complex waves, using delay on digital desks, practical applications that exploit the phase phenomenon, thermal inversion, comb filtering, why it’s better to restrict the frequency band in delay speakers and much, much more. Filmed at PLASA London 2014.

marcel van limbeek
justin grealy
sine waves
phase relationships
stereo microphone methods
blumlein technique
coincident pair
plasa london 2014
plasa 2014
comb filtering
thermal inversion
delay speakers
micing live orchestra
microphone design
Soulsound Tutor
Soulsound Tutor