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1. What is the purpose of PLI?

Public Liability Insurance provides protection for claims made against Insured Annual Members for their legal liability to pay compensation, costs and expenses in respect of accidental;
- Personal Injury
- Damage to Property
- Obstruction, trespass, nuisance or interfere4nce with any right of way, air, light or water in connection with their business activities.

2. Am I covered for damage to equipment I’ve been hired to work with?

As long as Insured Annual Members are working on the equipment on the third parties’ premises, location or production/event site, then the Public Liability policy will respond.

If Insured Annual Members take the third party equipment back to their own premises, then the equipment will be deemed in their custody and control, and excluded by our PL policy. Insured Annual Members would need to insure this separately on these occasions if they ever arose.

3. Am I covered for damage to equipment I hire or own myself?

No, you would need to arrange Hired in Equipment insurance for Hired in Equipment and Own Equipment insurance for equipment you own.

4. What about working with soldering irons?

There is cover for claims arising from the activity of Insured Annual Members using soldering irons in connection with their business activities.

5. Are there any exclusions for working in North America?

The same exclusions and conditions of cover apply in North America, that apply for cover for Insured Annual Members working elsewhere in the world.

One thing to note is that the maximum Insurers will pay, inclusive of Costs & Expenses in North America (& Canada) is the Limit of Indemnity.

6. What happens if I can’t answer “no” to all the aspects of the Statement of Fact?

You need to provide full details to where Performance will consider whether cover can be provided to you.

7. The Height Limit is 10metres, what if I need to work at a height exceeding this?

Performance can consider providing cover for work at heights exceeding 10metres and have done so on various occasions before. In order to consider providing cover they will need to understand

• What you are doing?
• How has the risk been assessed? (I.e is their a risk assessment, if so please provide a copy)

Once you have this information please email it to soulsound@performance-