Soulsound In Armenia | Soulsound

This month saw the first of hopefully many international sessions for Soulsound. Former SSR (Manchester) student Vardges Sayadyan had contacted Jon to ask if he would be willing to travel to Armenia to hold some masterclass sessions in Yerevan. Vardges and Jon had met several times in the UK and more recently in Georgia.
Part of Soulsound’s aim has always been to provide access to information and advice for all, especially in countries where facilities are limited or do not exist. Gohar Danelyan-Dubost of DG Contact, a communications and event management company in Armenia had the enthusiasm and willingness to organise the trip.
Yerevan is an exciting city with a vibrant music scene. There are also many people interested in sound engineering. Gohar, in a short space of time, organised not just a venue, but all the facilities needed to teach an intensive three day course.
The course was a great success and hopefully will be repeated in early 2018. Many thanks to Gohar, Vardges and all at DG Contact for organising the trip. We had a great time and hopefully so did the students!
If you are interested in events like this please let us know. If you can’t get to us we will try and get to you! We already have a few ideas in the pipeline!