What People Say

I have been member of Soulsound for a few months now and rate a lot of the contact very highly. The video-tutorials particularly by Marcel van Limbeek I find excellent and these alone justify the subscription. The video-editor of these does a fine job of adding text to direct ones attention to the audio technique being demonstrated. Great stuff, and I look forward to more!

Barnaby Thwaites

Amazingly my career has taken a massive step forward since being a part of Soulsound – I’m really, really grateful. Soulsound has opened up doors in the industry I had no hope of opening myself. One of the best things to happen to my career.

Ben Priest

The Stagecraft Masterclass was a huge help when I was working as a Live Sound Assistant, and I still use a lot of the tips in the videos everyday. Soulsound is the single best sound engineering resource website for me. The best thing about it is that you have renowned sound engineers sharing their experience and knowledge.

Martim Cunha Rego

A lot of young engineers suffer from the "am I actually doing this right?" factor. Having a contact with Jon, Justin, Marcel, Darryn and the others is a great way of building your confidence up.

Claudio Somigli

I have known and worked with Jon Burton in the pro-audio world for many years and have a healthy respect for his knowledge and engineering skills.

Jim Parons, Programme Leader, Live Sound, dBs Music