Darryn de la Soul

Darryn de la Soul

Founder of Soulsound

Soulsound Resource Centre and Agency is headed by Darryn de la Soul, who developed the respected Alchemea Live Sound Diploma. Darryn started her career as a Live Sound Engineer, and went on to production manage many live events - most notably: Faster Than Sound, the Lovell Radio Telescope 50th Anniversary show, and Long Player Live.

As Head of Live Sound at Alchemea, Darryn spent four fruitful years creating a course with an emphasis on practical skills and abilities, which became one of the most respected qualifications in audio engineering.

Darryn is regularly quoted as an authority on both audio education and audio engineering and presents her talk 'Getting a Foot in the Door in the Live Sound Industry' at PLASA trade shows. This is aimed at helping youngsters to get into a notoriously closed-door industry.

In 2013 Darryn developed her own company, Soulsound Agency, which specialises in career management for Live Sound Engineers and other live event technicians. In particular, Soulsound focuses on nurturing young talent. Using her extensive network of industry contacts to find opportunities for employment and personal development, Darryn excels at putting together teams of people who work well together to achieve great results.

In the past, Darryn has dabbled in filmmaking, winning Best Short Documentary at the London Independent Film Festival in 2008 with her guerrilla documentary “So You Shall Reap”, shot entirely on a mobile phone. She has also worked as a location recordist on numerous short films.

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