Justin Grealy

Justin Grealy

Soulsound Tutor

Meet Justin

Justin is a legend in the industry who has been rocking the free world for over thirty years. He is the origin of the verb 'to greal' as in to greal a stage which means to thoroughly, neatly and legibly label everything on and around a stage.

Justin's experience and knowledge is vast. He has a voracious curiosity about how things work, and educates himself continuously as technology advances.

Justin was also a key figure in the development of the Alchemea Live Sound Diploma- the in depth knowledge and practical applications taught by him have helped spread good sound engineering practices around the world.

See Justin Grealy In Action

Touring Monitors

Can you tour your monitors in a carry on bag?

Soulsound In The Sudan

Soulsound recently sent Justin Grealy to do some training and engineering in The Sudan – an adventure of note.

In Ear Monitors - Getting It Right

Justin discusses, in depth, In Ear Monitoring from the Monitor Engineer’s perspective - it's far more complex than you moight think!

Monitors From FOH

A Masterclass on Mixing Monitors from Front Of House.


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