Tony Andrews & John Newsham

Tony Andrews & John Newsham

Soulsound Contributors

Funktion-One founders Tony Andrews and John Newsham are highly regarded designers and manufacturers of high quality point source loudspeaker systems, who have numerous patents to their name.

The duo, who were also responsible for founding Turbosound in the 1970s, are accredited with several generations of revolutionary loudspeaker designs, including the TMS-3, Flashlight and Floodlight systems. They are widely known for their pioneering work and ethos which established many of the principles which subsequently became standard audio industry practice. Whilst often imitated, their designs have not been surpassed and have been the first choice of many permanent and touring sound applications around the world.

The Funktion One design team, led by Tony and John, represent an unsurpassed pool of experience and expertise in the audio industry, having been consistent innovators in audio design, concert touring and sound installation for over 30 years.

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