Why I Still Love Festivals

That was a weekend of extremes. I spent Saturday night at one of the most well organised festivals in the world. Werchter is a dream to work at. A huge stage with lots of space. Great catering and a really well designed backstage area. It doesn't get better than this.

In contrast Electric Castle festival in Romania was, at best, shambolic. A stage plonked in front of a dilapidated castle that was being propped up while we were there by workman with wooden joists, worried about the oncoming onslaught of sub.

After a couple of hours rebuilding the PA and the barrier I got a chance to walk about. I rarely venture out to Punter Land but this festival was different. It reminded me of Exit festival when it started or even my first Glastonbury. Little sign of corporate sponsorship but loads to see! The punters were friendly and having fun. The band hit the stage 30 minutes late and we didn't finish loading out till 7am but what a great show!

It is easy to lose sight of why we do this. Romania reminded me why I still love festivals.

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