Winter On It’s Way

My last gig of the season beside a swimming pool in Ibiza is now a distant memory. I am back in the UK working out what to do for the next few months.

I am going to try and concentrate on putting effort in to the things that have been neglected over the summer months. The list of repair jobs has grown. During a busy festival run stuff goes wrong and you rarely get round to fix anything, you just work round it. So in the next month I will be hoping to repair the various broken effects units, the slightly faulty channels, the right hand output meter that hasn't worked for two months. It wasn't until I missed a festival and had the charming John Ashton stand in for me that I actually realised what state my equipment had got into! So having left him with a list of the peculiarities he would have to deal with I will be dragging out that self same list and remedying as many as technically possible. It is, however, possible that our first Midas XL3 may have to be put out to pasture. Serial number 003 she was a prototype model and has a few unique features.

Sadly, with age, some of the modules are getting more difficult to repair so she will be rested and one of the newer desks will be going out next year. So a long list of jobs and good intentions. It will be interesting to see how much has been done before the season starts again!!

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