At the studio we are preparing for a bit of an exodus. I am looking at tours and festivals with The Prodigy and Dave is off with, amongst others, our other studio colleague Thomas with his band Frogbelly & Symphony. Exciting times with lots of releases coming out this month. This leaves Martin holding the fort on the recording front along with Steve Nicholls who featured in last month’s interview.

Dave Hogg has even ventured out of the dark hole of Studio One to release a brace of recordings under his Synfoly monicker. It's great to see such activity but what is even better is to see the level of co-operation and support within the studio. One aspect I am proudest of about our industry is the level of support we give each other. I don't think I have ever met an engineer who wasn't willing to lend his ears, advice and assistance to a colleague. I have been in situations where a deadline approaches and everyone has pitched in to save the day.   So if you can help a fellow engineer, do! One day you will need their help I'm sure!

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